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How much will the Prepare for Prevent course cost, and how do I order?

The cost of your licence depends on the number of users being trained at your school/academy.

Please choose from the Select number of users menu below for pricing that fits your requirements and then click Order now.

Following submission of our order form, you will have immediate access to the service.

Product: Prepare for Prevent for the Education Sector
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About this course...

How our training works...

Our specialist's view...

Recent events have meant there is an elevated focus on prevention of people being drawn into terrorism. Part of the overall counter-terrorism strategy, Prevent is a multi-agency responsibility, and as such all staff within educational establishments have a role to play.

The revised guidance for OFSTED inspection teams, in place from September 2015, demonstrates the expectations placed on educational settings and explicitly states what inspection teams will consider whilst on site.

Critical to fulfilling this role is ensuring all staff and volunteers have a clear understanding of Prevent Duty and what is expected of them.

Our CPD accredited training course will take around an hour to complete, and ensure you and your staff are fully compliant with OFSTED Common Inspection Framework Requirements whilst earning valuable CPD points.

Who should complete this training?

Our training is applicable to the following educational settings: Primary Schools, Primary Academies, Secondary Schools, Secondary Academies, Private Nurseries, Maintained Nurseries, Public Schools, Free Schools, Pupil Referral Units, and SEND Schools.

To fulfil the 2016 DFE statutory guidance and Ofsted framework requirements for Prevent Duty:

  • All existing staff - Teachers, LSAs, HLTAs, TAs, Support Staff, Site Managers/Staff
  • All new recruits as part of the induction process
  • Governing Body/ Trustee Board members
  • Volunteers

About the course...

  • The course is made up of a visually stunning and engaging multimedia presentation, comprehensive course notes and a multiple choice assessment.
  • The course takes 1 hour to complete.
  • The course can be accessed with a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone
  • The course is kept up-to-date with any changes in legislation or policy ensuring practice in your school or academy is compliant with current requirements
  • The service is secure (128-bit SSL-encrypted).
  • Technical support is included with your 12-month licence.

How do I get started?

  • Sign up by selecting a licence type and completing the order form.
  • Sign in to your Admin Portal to issue training, view staff progress/results, print CPD accredited certificates and evidence your training to Ofsted.

By completing this course, staff will have a fully CPD accredited understanding of:

  • Government policy & guidance in relation to your Prevent duties
  • Prevent duties in practice
  • Prevent, Pursue, Protect and Prepare under Channel referral duties
  • Factors related to radicalisation, extremism and vulnerability to being drawn into terrorism
  • Best practice and how this agenda will be examined during inspection


Our course content is updated when changes in legislation, statutory guidance and/ or inspection frameworks are issued, ensuring you fully comply with the latest requirements.

Disparity in cascading training is removed. Continuity, through the individual assessment of learning, gives leadership assurance that practice is informed by robust evidence.

Ensures all staff are trained to fully meet the remit of HM Government Counter Terrorism strategy*.

Enables the latest DFE safeguarding (2016) training requirements to be met for staff / volunteer induction throughout the academic year.

Provides a full training audit trail for governance and to evidence compliance with the Ofsted inspection requirements.

* Reviewed by and included in the HM Government Prevent Duty resource catalogue.

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