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"Best practice through multi-agency CPD is the main way we can protect children and young people. To work effectively together in a multi-agency capacity, educational staff, social care staff, voluntary workers, healthcare professionals and the police must have access to high quality up-to-date training"

Sam has spent over 20 years working to safeguard children in schools, local authorities and primary care trusts.

A former strategy manager for school improvement, Sam Preston heads up the Safeguarding development and support team at SSS Learning.

Utilising her experience in serious case review management and specialist consultancy with Schools and Academies, Sam and her team are responsible for ensuring our courses and documentation meet the very latest statutory requirements.

Sam has dual qualifications in Education and Health, holding an MA in Education (by research) and a BSc in Health. Her education research study for the Department of Educational Studies at the University of York, examined the impact of postgraduate accreditation on the professional development of teachers in England.

Picture of Sam Preston, safeguarding director, Med (research), BSC, RN
Sam Preston, safeguarding director, Med (research), BSC, RN
"It's often hidden from view, but the child safeguarding work teachers and healthcare workers conduct is vital. My great passion lies in creating the right policies, support structures, training and development opportunities to keep our children and young people safe from abuse and neglect."

Extended Biography:

Sam has lectured in the UK, Northern Ireland and Iceland on policy implementation in education, childhood studies and health practice. She has extensive experience of supporting schools through her previous work as a local authority school improvement strategy manager, achieving awards for her strategy for under 16yrs pregnant schoolgirls. Her previous roles include strategic development with the Department of Children, Schools & Families, Department of Health and the Home Office. She has also advised the Scottish Parliament policy development office on the redevelopment of community practice in schools and more recently on the development of legislation for Female Genital Mutilation offences and best practice professional development.

Much of her work and research has focused on education within inner city, high deprivation areas and has focused on policy development, designing implementation frameworks to improve both practice at service level and the outcomes for children. She has participated in a wealth of central government inspection processes including Joint Area Reviews and specialist focus inspections. She has a wealth of experience in school inspections and has assisted schools to consider school development planning whilst completing the self evaluation process. In addition to her work in schools, Sam has headed a specialist unit for vulnerable children (3-13yrs) under the national On Track initiative and an inner city Children's Centre.

Next: Sam Preston directs our content development to ensure our courses provide the best user experience, are always up to date with the very latest requirements.


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