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At SSS we have the highest level of safeguarding expertise - specifically in School and Academy settings. Our company is made up of Safeguarding Specialists who have had many years' experience working at all levels within the education sector including School/Academy and Local Authority levels.

This not only enables us to create the highest quality and most relevant course material to fully engage your whole team, it also enables us to offer specialist safeguarding advice as part of our unique service. All available within our online package which requires no setup, ensures first-class training and provides your training evidence for inspection.

Our Safeguarding Director Mrs Sam Preston leads our content development team.
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We are a member of The CPD Certification Service. All of our courses are CPD-accredited.


ERA 2017 Finalist/Highly Commended

Education Resources Awards 2017
Primary Tools for Leadership, Management and Assessment, Including ICT
Highly Commended