How do you view your staff safeguarding training certificates?

How does it work?

Admin Dashboard - show safeguarding training results reports
  • Click on "Show current activity/results, for all trainees"
    (you can also choose to display training results chronologically, per trainees or per course)

Admin Dashboard - show current activity for all trainees
  • Scroll down to find a trainee
    (You can also search by name or role)

Admin Dashboard - safeguarding training results - find a trainee
  • You can view all the certificates obtained by each trainee
  • Choose the certificate you want to print and hit "print certificate"

Admin Dashboard - print_safeguarding_training_certificate
  • An image of the certificate wil be instantly generated

Admin Dashboard - example of safeguarding_training_certificate

Another key feature of the Admin Dashboard? The Document Tracker


Document Tracker allows you to easily link to your own policy documents and provide evidence that your team have read them.

More about the document tracker