Our safeguarding training dashboard

How does it work?

  • Your staff will receive the email sent by you using our email template in the Admin Dashboard.
  • All they need to do is follow the instructions and set up their account.
Screen shot of a safeguarding course instructions email
Safeguarding Training portal - trainees set up thei aown account
Safeguarding Training portal - log-in screen
  • Users will see all the courses your school or academy has licenced.
  • The user clicks 'use this course' to enter the course you've asked them to do.
Safeguarding Training portal - home - use this course
  • The courses all work in the same way and are made up of a presentation, course notes and an assessment. To access the course the user clicks on 'show training materials'.
Safeguarding Training portal - show training material
  • Next the user clicks to watch the presentation which is made up of 3D animation, text and voice over. Some courses also feature video case studies and demonstrations.
Safeguarding Training portal - Watch presentation
  • The presentation is then viewed.
-This can be completed in one session or multiple sessions.
-The presentation will remember where the user left and start from there when the user next logs in.

Visually stunning and quite unlike e-learning from any other supplier.
We use 3D animation development to ensure engagement. Our presentations are not Word documents or basic Powerpoint slides uploaded online!
Safeguarding Training portal - screenshot of a video presentation
  • Each course also includes a set of course notes for reference.
Safeguarding Training portal - screen shot of course notes
  • Once the presentation has been viewed the user accesses the assessement.
    -The assessment consists of multiple choice questions which must be answered correctly.
    -Feedback is given at the end of a failed assessment informing the user which questions they answered incorrectly. The user can then revisit the training and retake the assessment.
Safeguarding Training portal - screentshot of an assessment test
  • Once the assessment has been passed the user's certificate is stored in the trainee dashboard and the admin dashboard as evidence of training completion.
Safeguarding Training portal - assessment complete screenshot
Safeguarding Training portal - screenshot of a certificate

You can monitor your staff's training activity thanks to the Admin Dashboard

How do I monitor my staff's training activity