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Safeguarding Auditor

Safeguarding Auditor is a simple-to-use secure online audit tool designed to support governance and busy senior leaders in meeting all safeguarding requirements.

COMPLIANCE - Fully compliant with legislation (including KCSIE 2019) and OFSTED requirements
LIVE - Updated live by our team of safeguarding specialists, the audit tool is always current
COST - Eliminates the time and cost of bringing in external consultants to audit your provision
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    Purchasing this product provides 12 months of unlimited use.
    You can choose to be invoiced, or pay by card.

    Safeguarding Auditor

Regularly undertaking an audit is an essential element of fulfilling the safeguarding remit within educational settings. The process drives standards forward to ensure robust measures are achieved, promoting the safety and protection of pupils and adults.

The service allows you to audit your provision step-by-step, complete required tasks and evidence full compliance with the latest Keeping children safe in education (2019) requirements and the OFSTED inspection framework.

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How To Buy

Purchasing this product provides 12 months of unlimited use.
You can choose to be invoiced, or pay by card.

Safeguarding Auditor
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    How our system works

    The audit is simple to use, to complete an audit:
    • Login to the secure site
    • Answer the questions by following the on-screen instructions
    • View and work through your generated task list
    • Once the task list is complete you will be fully compliant with requirements. Progress and task list actions are all stored by the system. With our avatar feature, Sam Preston (SSS Safeguarding Director) will be there throughout the process to share detailed information to support you.
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    Our unique step-by-step process will ensure you comply with revised statutory requirements, can be used to report to governance and evidence full compliance during OFSTED inspection.

    Audit content is updated live when any changes in legislation, statutory guidance and/or inspection frameworks are issued. This enables you to fully comply with all the latest requirements.

    Each time you complete an audit it is stored, providing an audit trail to demonstrate progress to governance and evidence of compliance during your OFSTED inspection.

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    Additional Benefits


    The process promotes best practice to keep pupils, staff, volunteers and visitors safe.

    Supports development of robust procedures and processes e.g. induction, vetting, risk assessment.

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