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Safeguarding Suite

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Safeguarding Suite

The Safeguarding Suite is a hugely cost-effective way to deliver required safeguarding training to all staff, governors/trustees and volunteers at your school/academy with a discount of over 75% when compared to purchasing courses individually.

Our suite customers also benefit from access to our team of safeguarding specialists who can assist you with safeguarding best practice and guidance if needed*.

Our suite also includes Safeguarding Auditor which will allow you to audit your safeguarding provision step-by-step and produces a task list of actions required to ensure you comply with the very latest requirements.

All the courses below are included in the suite. Please note that any new courses added to the suite during the 12-month licence period are added automatically at no additional cost.

  1. Child Protection
  2. Child Protection Refresher
  3. Child Sexual Exploitation
  4. Designated Safeguarding Lead training
  5. Designated Safeguarding Lead refresher
  6. Female Genital Mutilation Awareness and Reporting
  7. Safer Recruitment
  8. Prevent Duty
  9. Risk Assessment
  10. Policy in Practice
  11. Honour Based Violence
  12. Forced Marriage
  13. Health and Safety
  14. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  15. e-Safety
  16. Safeguarding Thematics - Overview/Refresher
  17. Safeguarding for Governance
  18. Administration of Medication (Coming Soon)
  19. Food Hygiene (Coming Soon)

*Please note when contacting us for guidance our advisors cannot advise you on specific cases.

How our training works

Our system has been designed to make safeguarding training in schools and academies simple, with no complicated setup for administrators or staff.

Our system is secure (128-bit SSL-encrypted), can be accessed 24/7/365 and works across 2 online websites.

  1. The Admin Dashboard – (

    Our system requires no complicated setup. From the Admin Dashboard simply copy and send an invitation email to your staff with the login details for your school or academy. Once your staff commence training, all progress, results and CPD certificates are presented in the Admin Dashboard as evidence of training.

  2. The Training Site – (

    Staff complete a course via any PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet. Each course is made up of an engaging multimedia presentation created using 3D animation, comprehensive course notes and a fully tracked multiple-choice assessment. On completion, staff can view and print their CPD accredited certificate.

    All courses are kept up-to-date with any changes in legislation or policy ensuring practice in your school or academy is compliant with current requirements.

Who should complete this training?

Our training is applicable to the following educational settings: Primary Schools, Primary Academies, Secondary Schools, Secondary Academies, Private Nurseries, Maintained Nurseries, Public Schools, Free Schools, Pupil Referral Units, and SEND Schools.

To fulfil the latest HM Government statutory guidance and Ofsted Common Inspection Framework requirements, training is advised for the following roles:

Please note - DSL, DSL Refresher and Safer Recruitment courses are included in the suite and only apply to staff in, or new to, the DSL role or staff involved in recruitment.

  • All existing staff - Teachers, LSAs, HLTAs, TAs, Support Staff
  • Named governors/ trustees for safeguarding & child protection
  • Volunteers


The content of our courses is updated when any changes in legislation, statutory guidance and/or inspection frameworks are issued, ensuring you fully comply with the latest requirements.

Disparity in cascading training is removed. Continuity, through the individual assessment of learning, gives leadership assurance that practice is informed by robust evidence.

Provides a full training audit trail for governance and to evidence compliance with the Ofsted inspection requirements.

What are the benefits of using this training?

  1. Delivers robust CPD accredited online training to ensure you comply with Ofsted and Statutory requirements and promote best practice to keep children safe.
  2. Enables you to meet inspection framework requirements.
  3. Always kept up to date by our team of experts.
  4. Regularly updated to ensure practice is current.
  5. Removes the need to cascade training.
  6. Supports induction enabling immediate training of new staff and volunteers.
  7. Provides high quality robust training accessible anytime anywhere via PC, MAC, Smartphone or Tablet.
  8. Provides a full audit trail to evidence compliance.