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Many thanks and keep up the amazing work that you and the team are doing, always friendly and professional when I contact you.

Mrs. Gail Gilbert, Smithfield House

Very helpful and easy. Wish everything was as painless to organise!

Jennifer Watt, Thornley Primary School

All went incredibly smoothly and as this is the first time we have used online services like this we have all been very impressed with it all.

Julie Cornelius, William Cassidi C of E Aided Primary School

Can I say - I love the new newsletter. Very informative with good web sites for follow up - to the point and very visual.

Thank you for making my job easier.

Debbie Neale, Deputy Headteacher, Thornton Primary School

The package of online learning from SSS has allowed us to ensure that all of our staff have an excellent knowledge of safeguarding policy and practice. It was easy to introduce and staff have reported that they find it really useful. Thank you!

Abigail Hopper, Headteacher, Nightingale Primary, Hackney

With SSS Learning’s CPD courses, each member of staff can go online on a date and at a time that works for them and their busy schedules. This is achieving considerable cost savings for our school as we don’t need to arrange cover for their classes which we would have done in the past to facilitate face-to-face training days.

The SSS Learning CPD courses are far more cost-effective as we can issue courses throughout the year which is especially important when new staff join us. To get a trainer in each time we have new teachers joining would see our costs increase significantly.

The flexibility the courses give us in terms of when teachers can complete them and when we issue them is useful. The e-learning approach is highly personalised - we can assess each individual teacher’s understanding of the topics.

The e-learning approach is achieving benefits threefold:

Becky Williams, Kingsdown School

The courses enable us to train staff and governors efficiently and in a timely way. They are also valuable as an induction tool enabling us to train new staff at any point of the academic year. The combination of video and animation is engaging supported by rigorous assessment so we can be confident learning is secure.

Unlike traditional training methods, by having access to the software throughout the academic year we now have a valuable resource and reference point. Courses can be revisited and supporting reference material accessed to reinforce and support practice.

In the past, training has been completed by on site INSET or releasing staff offsite. This type of trading relies on staff recalling information and in some cases cascading to other staff. The benefit of the SSS Learning courses is that all staff access the same accredited level of information which is essential to build a level of collective responsibility. It also means we are informed of any legislative statutory changes throughout the year. The system also allows us to monitor each member of staff’s progress and achievement, so we can be confident that practice is at the highest level.

Gill Holland, CEO Bronte Academy Trust

I have been able to access innovation in learning via an online resource that is both engaging and current. With high quality video animation and audio, the integration of question and answer is weighted appropriately for me to be rigorously tested.

The courses covered support a school’s need to react swiftly and successfully. Targeting new staff within the school year is most efficient.

Good training relies on persons being able to recall key facets of a presentation. I have been able to do this in real life situations since that require balance in approach and seeking out the most appropriate course of action. Courses can be revisited to review areas once again to reinforce learning.

Good CPD is measurable by the impact it has over the longer term. The range of courses offered by SSS permit a pace of continuous CPD over an extended period of time. Familiarity in the professional interface and the awarding of accredited certification encourages staff to continue in their learning.

Jonathan Boyle, Deputy Headteacher, Madeley Academy

Here is what Ofsted said about our customer Swain House Primary School, published 15th February 2017 (used with permission):

Safeguarding is effective. You have ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and records are meticulously kept. Records of the checks on adults working in the school are exemplary. Staff training is up to date. All of the staff have been trained to understand child sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation and, consequently, have a good understanding of the risks to children. Staff have also had the ‘Prevent’ duty training and, as a result, are able to recognise the signs of radicalisation and extremism.

Ofsted, 15th Feb. 2017


After completing one of our training courses, many customers send us feedback. With thousands of successfully completed courses, here are some of their comments. We use this valuable feedback to continually improve our courses.

Excellent structured course which gets at the heart of the GDPR for those people who deal with data on a daily basis as part of their working role. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All parts were clearly set out. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Extremely useful information in the thematic sections. Designated Safeguarding Lead

Very easy to understand. Child Protection

The format of the course was excellent. Safer Recruitment

Good animation very engaging. Health and Safety

Superb service, really like the newsletter updates. Safeguarding Suite

I found out things I was unaware of before. Forced Marriage

Good course, thanks. Prevent Duty

Clear and concise. Honour Based Violence

Very thorough and well put together. Child Sexual Exploitation

Well-presented course. Prevent Duty

Difficult topic which feel I now understand. FGM awareness

Forgot my password on a Sunday evening but still got full support from you on LiveChat. Excellent service thanks. Safeguarding Suite

Really easy to setup and use. Safeguarding Suite

I now feel comfortable with the DSL role. Designated Safeguarding Lead

Good to have everything in one place. Safeguarding Suite

Easy way to learn. Safeguarding Suite

Enjoyed the group discussions very interesting. Designated Safeguarding Lead

What a fantastic method of training. Safeguarding Suite

Thanks great training. Safeguarding Suite

An excellent way to ensure compliance. Safeguarding Suite

Very engaging. FGM awareness

Now fully understood. Prevent Duty

Thanks very efficient use of time. FGM awareness

Perfect for our needs. Safeguarding Suite

Good way to learn all about safeguarding thanks very much indeed. Safeguarding Suite

I now fully understand the recruitment process. Safer Recruitment

I really feel I now know this topic. Child Protection

Nice way to train in my own time and at my own pace. Child Protection

A great way to learn - very interesting. Child Protection

It’s nice to know we are covered and that we will get updates as and when required. Safeguarding Suite

A very comprehensive course thank you. Child Protection

All fully understood! Safer Recruitment

Nice animation made the course engaging. Safer Recruitment

I no longer need to worry about safeguarding training. Thanks. Safeguarding Suite

Thanks really easy to use. Safer Recruitment

Great course. FGM awareness

The admin interface is great. Also, great support on Live Chat thank you. Safeguarding Suite

Understood loud and clear. Safer Recruitment

Really interesting and informative. FGM awareness

All understood thanks. Prevent Duty

I have rolled the suite out to our whole team, very easy to do - well done. Safeguarding Suite

Difficult subject covered well. FGM awareness

Fantastic presentation and very interesting. Honour Based Violence

I now know how the process should work. Safer Recruitment

Thanks very informative. FGM awareness

Thorough and well presented. Child Protection

Great animation very engaging. Prevent Duty

Thanks I know the topic and feel that I can make the correct reports if required. FGM awareness

The best e-learning I have used. Child Sexual Exploitation

A sensitive topic but I am so pleased my staff have completed this course. The animations were super and the whole course was clear, concise and very well put together. I will definitely be recommending this course to other schools in the Federation. Honour Based Violence

The best service I have ever received! My query was answered immediately by the very helpful lady ..... it was after 10pm! Safeguarding Suite

A really interesting course and well explained. Forced Marriage

I really liked how I could dip in and out of the training as and when I wanted. This meant I could access the training when I could fully concentrate on such important content. Safeguarding Suite

Excellent course. At last I don’t have to sit through another boring PowerPoint presentation! The animations were superb making my learning experience thoroughly engaging and memorable. Safer Recruitment

Fantastic support from the help team. I forgot my password and wasn’t sure what I had to do, I spoke with Jon on the LIVE CHAT service and within one minute I was able to complete my training. Child Sexual Exploitation

Really easy to access and feel very confident that my staff are fully up to date with knowledge now. Thank you SSS! Child Protection

Really useful presentation (which I could pause from time to time allowing me to make notes as it proceeded), and great download of notes facility available after watching the presentation whereby I could check the notes I had made were, indeed, accurate! Child Sexual Exploitation

Clear explainations of all terms used. It was very engaging - thank you. Prevent Duty

Thank you, the course was informative and useful. Honour Based Violence

Very user friendly and straight-forward to use. Safer Recruitment

Thanks I really feel like I now understand child protection. Child Protection

Great course. Forced Marriage

Very effective way to inform and I have my CPD certificates to prove it! Safeguarding Suite

Engaging and informative. Safer Recruitment

The best online training I have ever seen. A fantastic resource, well done SSS. Child Protection

At last a place where I can manage safeguarding training – superb! Safeguarding Suite

Concise and well delivered. Engaging too! Safeguarding Suite

Well put together and easy to access and use. Child Sexual Exploitation

A good way to train and earn CPD points at the same time. Prevent Duty

I thought the course was very engaging thanks. FGM awareness

Very sensitive with clear delivery. FGM awareness

Clear and concise a great way to do training! Child Protection

The FGM training was all brand new for me so that was very informative and I’m sure I won’t be forgetting what I have learned. FGM awareness

I found all segments useful and informative. Child Sexual Exploitation

It re-enforced the knowledge I already had and gave me chance to assess whether I had a good understanding. Safer Recruitment

A very useful way of keeping up to date with current safeguarding issues and legislation. The Making Policy Work course would be particularly useful to those who are not familiar with policy making and protocol. Policy in Practice

The course notes as a downloadable feature were extremely useful for my personal training records. Child Protection

I found useful all the types of FGM as I had been unaware that it was so complex. Nor had I realised that the abuse could & would be ongoing! FGM awareness

Very informative, course content excellent. Child Protection

It’s so nice to have training written specifically for our sector. Really helps make sense of the Ofsted requirements!

Loved the course notes- information was relevant and a good support tool. Child Protection

Absolutely brilliant. I’ve found a lot of the training currently available relies on a watered down cascade model. By using your software I can be sure all my staff all have a good level of knowledge.

The software is really good but what sets it apart from other systems is the admin hub. Being able to monitor each persons progress is a great tool.

The course provided a good opportunity to reflect on practice. Child Protection

So reassuring to know we will be notified of updates automatically, important for us busy Head Teachers!

The best e-learning I have ever done! I really feel like I know the topic now. Child Sexual Exploitation

Extremely thorough and easy to use. Prevent Duty

I really liked the use of animation. It made the presentation interesting. Child Protection

Easy to access and use on my iPad. FGM awareness

A really difficult area well presented. Child Sexual Exploitation

Risk Assessment ticked off. Thanks, great course. Risk Assessment

I now feel I can make appropriate referrals when necessary. Prevent Duty

Easy to use, I liked the fact you can log in from your last point and complete the training over different sessions. Child Protection

I did this training on my smartphone! Amazing! Prevent Duty

I was not a fan of e-learning but this was different. Very engaging. Policy in Practice

Difficult area really well delivered. Child Sexual Exploitation

I did not think I would say this but I am looking forward to the next course! Child Protection

Nice course. Easy to access. Child Protection

Why can’t all e-learning be as simple as this to access and use? Prevent Duty

Enjoyed the training and my CPD points! Safer Recruitment

I would recommend this to all my colleagues. No complicated setup and an engaging course. Child Sexual Exploitation

As an administrator of the training, I have to say I am most impressed in the way the whole system works. Easy to use and see exactly who has done what. Child Protection

Innovative graphics very interesting and informative. Child Protection

A very difficult subject matter sensitively and effectively delivered. Child Sexual Exploitation

The best online training I have ever done, great presentation. I am confident I now know this topic. Child Protection

I was not sure about the whole e-learning approach but this has been a worthwhile experience, well put together. Policy in Practice

Easy to access and to return to. Challenging but fair! Risk Assessment

I have just printed out my CPD certificate – thanks very much. Child Sexual Exploitation

Well explained throughout, course content interesting. Child Protection

Thought provoking and easy to use. Child Sexual Exploitation

Training gave clarity on a tough subject. Child Sexual Exploitation

Insightful. Child Sexual Exploitation

Valuable pointers in developing our policies. Policy in Practice

Good training on a sensitive subject. Child Sexual Exploitation

Informative-COSHH section really good. Risk Assessment

A stimulating, practical course. Child Protection

Lots of helpful content- we’re now reviewing our policy system. Policy in Practice

Great basic awareness tool! Risk Assessment

Now understand why we need policies- now working on our protocols! Policy in Practice

Another useful course [from SSS Learning]. An engaging way to earn CPD credit. Policy in Practice

Enjoyed this course. Policy in Practice

Very interesting. The assessment was very rigorous. I think I certainly know the subject now! Policy in Practice

Understand the facts better now.

Nicely presented. And not too long...

Made a heavy subject interesting.

Refreshingly well presented.

Good course - learnt a lot.

Easy to stop and go back and the readymade course notes made the subject well accessible.

Unpleasant subject, but well worth knowing the facts.

I finally had my certificate! The course is very comprehensive.

Well structured, well paced.

It took longer than I’d planned - but I know the subject well now.

Well presented in a sensitive manner.

I liked the graphics!

Best eLearning I have used. Clear, concise and with a certificate.

All done in just over an hour. Well written!

I have my CPD certificate and thought the training was delivered well.

An important topic well laid out and delivered.


Took me a bit longer than an hour but very interesting indeed.

Well presented.

not something I want to see again but I am now trained!

I am an administrator and a user of the training. Both parts good. Easy to issue and then view results. Well done!

I liked the layout and presentation.

It would have been nice to know where I went wrong in the test.

Training completed in no time at all thanks.

System easy to use.

Sensitively done!

I had been on a course and was asked to disseminate to other staff. Your course made this much easier and I learned a lot more myself too.

Minimum fuss to implement across the whole of my staff.

A good tool.

I now understand Prevent Duty – thanks.

I dislike eLearning generally but thought this was very well delivered.

I had not realised how bad FGM is!

Awful topic, sensitively delivered.

Very informative and interesting.

I have finally got my certificate!

Thanks, that wasn’t too bad at all.

Not a pleasant experience at all but delivered well!

I loved the graphics and example scenario sections.


Good course.

As far as eLearning goes this is easy to set up and use. Well done!

A lot of well-presented information.

Easy to use.

Excellent graphics I now fully understand the practice.

Well put together for this horrific subject area.

I had trouble logging in and contacted your support team. First-class assistance. Course now complete!

As an administrator I thought the system was very user friendly.

Interesting topic nice presentation.

A good course.

I accessed this from home and completed it in about 45 minutes, assessment a bit tough, had to go through the test 3 times but passed in the end.

All staff fully trained in just a few days, thanks!

Nice interface and easy to work out what I had to do.

I don’t see why I had to do this course but it was easy to use!

When is the next course coming? A great resource.

I found the course notes very useful for the assessment part.

Excellent presentation. Very interesting topic.

Setting up the account was very easy and the course was informative.

Nice graphics.

Not sure why I had to get 100% in the test but it was interesting and very user friendly to use anyway.

Easy to use.

The best e-learning course we have ever used. Why can’t they all be like this?

As an administrator it was very easy to disseminate to all members of staff.

I loved the graphics! Easy to use too.

A great presentation. Well put together.