As a school we are passionate about safeguarding all of the pupils in our care. It is the most important job that we do as staff in the teaching profession. In order to make certain that all of the DfE legislation is adhered to, and to ensure that we are providing the best possible practice within school, it is vitally important that everyone involved in the supervision and care of the students have all the information at hand and understand their individual responsibilities with regards to safeguarding.

The courses available through membership of SSS Learning enable our staff to access the latest information through online learning, and eliminates the need to bring in external tutors and consultants to present to them. The fact that staff have to show complete understanding of the topic matter by answering questions on the content of the courses they have studied in order to be awarded a CPD certificate, gives the school great confidence that the learning has been successful. This is not the case at the end of a presentation given by an external tutor. The courses available are appropriate and pitched at the right level to be interesting and informative at the same time. It is extremely useful for the staff to be able to leave a course mid-session and re-join at a convenient time in their busy workload to finish it off. Being a DSL it is important to collate and view the progress of staff accessing their individual courses and to this end the administrative function is invaluable.

SSS Learning is a cost effective means by which safeguarding training is completed, and allows full compliance to be evidenced for Inspection purposes.

We fully recommend schools to become members of this excellent provision and take away the concerns and worries of not knowing what staff know. It is very easy to monitor learning and ultimately be confident that you are compliant in your provision for safeguarding children.

Phillip Salathiel, Riverston School

Many thanks and keep up the amazing work that you and the team are doing, always friendly and professional when I contact you.

Mrs. Gail Gilbert, Smithfield House

Very helpful and easy. Wish everything was as painless to organise!

Jennifer Watt, Thornley Primary School

All went incredibly smoothly and as this is the first time we have used online services like this we have all been very impressed with it all.

Julie Cornelius, William Cassidi C of E Aided Primary School

Can I say - I love the new newsletter. Very informative with good web sites for follow up - to the point and very visual.

Thank you for making my job easier.

Debbie Neale, Deputy Headteacher, Thornton Primary School

The package of online learning from SSS has allowed us to ensure that all of our staff have an excellent knowledge of safeguarding policy and practice. It was easy to introduce and staff have reported that they find it really useful. Thank you!

Abigail Hopper, Headteacher, Nightingale Primary, Hackney

With SSS Learning’s CPD courses, each member of staff can go online on a date and at a time that works for them and their busy schedules. This is achieving considerable cost savings for our school as we don’t need to arrange cover for their classes which we would have done in the past to facilitate face-to-face training days.

The SSS Learning CPD courses are far more cost-effective as we can issue courses throughout the year which is especially important when new staff join us. To get a trainer in each time we have new teachers joining would see our costs increase significantly.

The flexibility the courses give us in terms of when teachers can complete them and when we issue them is useful. The e-learning approach is highly personalised - we can assess each individual teacher’s understanding of the topics.

The e-learning approach is achieving benefits threefold:

  • Achieves significant cost savings on staff cover associated with training days
  • Provides flexibility to staff so courses are completed at the best time for each teacher
  • The courses are extremely easy to administer out to staff so cuts down on coordination and chase-up time.

Becky Williams, Kingsdown School

The courses enable us to train staff and governors efficiently and in a timely way. They are also valuable as an induction tool enabling us to train new staff at any point of the academic year. The combination of video and animation is engaging supported by rigorous assessment so we can be confident learning is secure.

Unlike traditional training methods, by having access to the software throughout the academic year we now have a valuable resource and reference point. Courses can be revisited and supporting reference material accessed to reinforce and support practice.

In the past, training has been completed by on site INSET or releasing staff offsite. This type of trading relies on staff recalling information and in some cases cascading to other staff. The benefit of the SSS Learning courses is that we are informed of any legislative statutory changes throughout the year. The system also allows us to monitor each member of staff’s progress and achievement, so we can be confident that practice is at the highest level.

Gill Holland, CEO Bronte Academy Trust

I have been able to access innovation in learning via an online resource that is both engaging and current. With high quality video animation and audio, the integration of question and answer is weighted appropriately for me to be rigorously tested.

The courses covered support a school’s need to react swiftly and successfully. Targeting new staff within the school year is most efficient.

Good training relies on persons being able to recall key facets of a presentation. I have been able to do this in real life situations since that require balance in approach and seeking out the most appropriate course of action. Courses can be revisited to review areas once again to reinforce learning.

Good CPD is measurable by the impact it has over the longer term. The range of courses offered by SSS permit a pace of continuous CPD over an extended period of time. Familiarity in the professional interface and the awarding of accredited certification encourages staff to continue in their learning.

Jonathan Boyle, Deputy Headteacher, Madeley Academy

Here is what Ofsted said about our customer Swain House Primary School, published 15th February 2017 (used with permission):

Safeguarding is effective. You have ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and records are meticulously kept. Records of the checks on adults working in the school are exemplary. Staff training is up to date. All of the staff have been trained to understand child sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation and, consequently, have a good understanding of the risks to children. Staff have also had the ‘Prevent’ duty training and, as a result, are able to recognise the signs of radicalisation and extremism.

Ofsted, 15th Feb. 2017

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